I have always heard people say they were in love with 2 people but I never thought it could happen to me or I could feel something close to that.
I met this really great guy at a time when I was having some deep relationship issues, as in really intense .
I liked him and we always talked everyday and all . We got close and even though I knew whatever feelings I thought I had for him was probably a rebound , I still wanted to be with him .
Now my boyfriend of like 3 years ish minus the 5 years we were friends for and I, got back together and he wanted to do all he could to make us go back to when we fell in love . It was genuine so I agreed to start over and it’s been wonderful . We have gone back to talking everyday , he has gone back to confiding in me and all that . We haven’t had a fight in like a month now, infact when we almost had an argument we settled it so fast it didn’t have to escalate . I can’t remember the last time he randomly just told me he loved me or just sent me a text message on his own but it’s like when we just started dating and all . Problem now is I really love my boyfriend and I have a sort of have feeling for this guy I met during the time we had issues. I love how I am whenever I am with this other guy , he pays attention to the most simple details . I love how he makes me feel . I also love how my boyfriend makes me feel o but its just different than this guy’s. There is this deep kind of bond i have with my boyfriend that I don’t have with this guy , really deep and special that I never felt with anyone . I told my boyfriend about this guy when we got back together and he asked me that if I wanted to be with the guy , I should and he would wish me well and not hold me back . I told him No but I don’t know how to tell this guy that I am back with my boyfriend because telling him might put a dent in our vibe and part of me wants to keep being friends with him . I know it’s probably selfish but I don’t even know how my head is doing me honestly .

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