Hi Connoters. I have this girl that I met before the lockdown. We kinda became too close and everything fell in place. I asked her out and she accepted. Now my only problem is that as dirty and nasty as my thoughts could be, I still know there is God. She wants me to have sex with her but I told her I’m not in for that. I’m actually a virgin and she’s not. I have this strong stance against fornication. I just feel it’s so normalised that everybody thinks it’s right. Truth is I’m among the 1% of guys that don’t see sex as necessary in a relationship. Truth is we’ve not even been together because of the lockdown. And mehn, she’s beginning to make me rethink my decision because of all them pictures she sends to me. This temptation is too much. I just thought y’all could help me. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated. One Love.

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  1. Lol, I really can’t help you bro. All the best. Pray about it, think about it
    , be smart about it. You might end up losing her, it might be Okay if you do too, or not…

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