Cheap lies

It’s funny how my cousin always makes mouth about her husband ” My husband is this, my husband is that, my husband doesn’t like sex he said it’s just like urinating, my husband can’t even look at any other woman, he said women irritates him, my husband said I’m the best woman , I’m the world, my husband said he can never cheat in the full life and so on and so forth.

But men and brethren , this same husband would not let me rest o . He hugs me at any slightest opportunity . Today he hugged me and I could feel his hard rised dick on my lap . He was just rubbing it, I had to push him out . He keeps telling me of how he’s not happy and how marrying my cousin is his worst mistake in his life . He even told my dad that he’s regretting the marriage because she doesn’t give him peace at home.

If I just do mistake and say ” ahh wish I can eat suya today, men and brethren he would buy it and bring to the house but me I’m not a bad person so I would just tell him to go and give it to his wife my cousin that I don’t eat at night. I wish I’m a bad girl , I for show her something but wetin I go gain . So me I have left her to keep deceiving herself with stupid lies.

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