Desperate or would I say give up
I’m at the breaking point , the verge of giving up . How can life be so unbearable . My parents are late , my dad died early this year and I’ve got only one sister . My dad’s siblings barely call us , talk less of assisting . My maternal family don’t even know us . I just don’t know what to do . I cry my eyes out every day . I’m a student and also trying to cater for my sister is no joke . The little business I do to survive has almost crumbled because I used all the money to feed during this lockdown . Now where do I start from ? How do I survive and pay this whole bills , feeding , schooling and everything . Right now this 22 year old is frustrated . The whole jobs in my area , the pay is only very little because I’m not yet a graduate . Truth is I’m totally tired , I’ve tried working but my transport ended up taking all the little salary so right now I don’t know what to do 🤧

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