I can’t breathe well , my whole body hurts and aches so much . I met a guy in February and we connected and all . On Tuesday , I asked him what we’re doing and he said we didn’t define it from beginning and that if I am asking if this is a relationship that it isn’t . I said okay I’d like to be in a relationship and he said okay . He thanked me for being nice to him , for always making him laugh . I was like so I have been your fuck mate and he said I shouldn’t talk that way because we didn’t force ourselves to do what we did . I was so shocked , I cried so much ! This is someone who sometime last week asked me if I was seeing someone else and I was like no . Why should he think I am cheating on him when I have even brought him into my family house ? He hasn’t called me since Tuesday . I have sent series of text messages , he didn’t respond ! I am shattered honestly . Someone who was always saying sweet things to me , treating me well . We called ourselves pet names , we had fun , we had sex , we had a good time together and now he has left me . I didn’t know I meant nothing to him . I feel so pained and broken . I can’t stop crying

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