There was a time a guy I met at my jamb lesson asked me out . To be honest, I knew this guy truly liked me like I myself was stunned by the way he liked me. Then, I didn’t have a boyfriend (never dated till now) but was gonna try it out if I had seen one that suits my taste . He asked me out repeatedly and the first time I said no , I was told he fell sick and couldn’t even eat for days but I didn’t stop being his friend . The thing is, he isn’t my type and I was like I didn’t wait 18 years of my life not having boyfriend not to finally have my dream boyfriend i.e the one that’ll suit my taste so I decided not to date him. This boy is gentle , kinda soft in nature and I personally would prefer crazy guys . Not the typical crazy ones but not too gentle/timid sha because I might take advantage of the gentility in a bad way. The day the boy asked me out again, I took time to clear it off . He was literally like seriously begging me to give him a chance and look into my heart if I can find a space for him . I cried that day because it really breaks my heart to see how I broke someone’s heart but I told him I don’t wanna date out of pity . To cut it short, it died down and we just remained casual friends but he was always chatting me up then but now that he has entered a private and expensive university, he stopped talking to me completely as in not even a hi once . Thinking about it now , his dad is rich so he can take care of me monetarily and also has deep affection for me but my heart wasn’t there and I didn’t wanna date out of what I’ll benefit but out of true love . I still haven’t dated till now though I’m 18yrs and I’ve been getting advances but I haven’t fallen so deep for any . I’m still waiting because I know one day, I’ll find my dream boyfriend that I’ll love and be loved as well. I wanna ask you guys if you think I made a good decision about him then though it’s been a year now .

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