I’m used to having this insecure feeling anytime I see my friends pictures that are more beautiful and hotter than me . I always feel like they’ll have a better boyfriend or have a greater chance in getting a good man ahead of me probably because I’ve never dated though it was my decision not to date then. So seeing that they’re beautiful, I always feel so less and like unworthy to a guy when compared to them, don’t know why I always have this feeling . Though there’s been a situation that I got a lot of advances from guys instead of my friend I thought was prettier than I am . I also believe that dating/loving isn’t really about how beautiful one is or how banging the body is, a girl that doesn’t have this can still get a better man than the ones that have . I don’t know if I’m right or just thinking too much.
In conclusion, does only pretty girls get the better love and care and a better man than the one that’s less beautiful these days ?

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