My relationship is becoming boring, we are supposed to be getting married by this June but because of the virus we might postpone . I have noticed of late that I and my husband to be do not share any emotional connections anymore, we hardly have sex these days and even when we see all we do is argue about unnecessary things . Anytime we talk on phone he is always in a hurry to bid me good night and leave. I fear he has continued his relationship with his ex even after he has promised to leave her the last time i almost called off our engagement 😔😔 . I see he still calls her daily but I just act like I don’t see nothing because I need peace to reign . I can’t help but feel that this marriage is not for me 😔😔😔 . I don’t know how I am about to lose my husband to a woman with two children for another man . I feel like leaving but he always comes back begging that he would change but he doesn’t make any move to change . I feel he thinks I am bluffing each time I say I will call off this marriage but I might just surprise him.


  1. The ball is still in your court, forget about what the world might say if you call it quits now, they wool be there when the hard times comes, and they will still have something to say if things go wrong afterwards. It’s your life, take charge, your happiness is paramount. Use your head, follow your instincts


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