I dated my husband for 10 years due to distance but we got married this year before the pandemic . He loves to sit all day on his IG page . Even when you are talking to him , his mindset is in whatever he’s scrolling and I find it irritating. Recently I noticed he only have s*x with me when he wants , not when I want . He claims he does not want me to get pregnant yet (it’s a mutual agreement duo) but as a woman I want him to touch me sometimes . Now I’m sacred to even ask . I was thinking of buying myself a sex toy for now. Though I’m not a freak but we can go 3 months straight without him touching me and he feels comfortable . I think he married me not because of love but because of the time spent . I feel he’s bored of me already . He finds everything I do or say as an attack and he’s ready to scold me even for little jokes but he’s not like that with other females . He claims they are strangers and should be treated well 🤦‍♀️ . The one that got me worried are his sneaky calls . He never picks a call in front of me , always running out and when I talk he claims he’s a private person and doesn’t feel comfortable talking in front of people. I’m so confused right now and I can’t tell anyone about it because all they will do is laugh!! After this pandemic I will give him a long break . I know it’s early but I will confide in my mom to let me stay or travel to another state and for now I won’t let him touch me only when he wants it not anymore.

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