Pretty bird

I love my boyfriend so much, we’re in two different states and this lockdown hasn’t been easy . He calls, I call too but everything feels different. I’ve not seen him in over two months and truth be told , I don’t trust him no more due to the fights we’ve been having and some other stuffs I noticed last time I visited . I feel he’s using this lockdown as a perfect reason not to see me, I know there’s no movement but then people are still traveling . My friend just came from Delta state to see her boyfriend in Port Harcourt , my boyfriend is in Abakaliki and he keeps telling me how severe lockdown is over there. I know it’s all scope sha, he tells me he’s making efforts for us to see but I ain’t seeing no efforts . I’m getting fed up though . I’ve been so unhappy, I miss him a lot and I don’t know if he misses me too. I feel really lonely, wish I went there before the lockdown. I’d be fine though , just thought I should share and get this off my chest.

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