I was born into a family of serious domestic violence, it’s hell . Jesus came through for me by my dad taking me to a boarding house for my secondary school , at least I am saved from the whole rubbish . I grew up being a toxic , strict and a no nonsense person .I truly know the whole sad childhood memories affected me a lot, even though I tried all my best in 2019 to be a better person which I myself was super proud of . Some people won’t just let me have a clear head for once . One of my cousins is my major problems right now, I’m a Christian and I don’t want any troubles or bad thoughts in my heart. I just pray I find another place I can stay so I can stay away from her. Little things bothers me. She even instigated our maids towards me yesterday, imagine a maid abusing me . I asked her what I’ve done to warrant such an abusive words, she couldn’t utter a word. I’m pained but I refuse to utter a word or give a report to anyone. May God save me from my enemies.

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