I’m tired, so tired and hurt.
Why do I keep falling for the wrong type of guys ? I don’t date because of what I can get, I’m not demanding, I’ve never asked my boyfriend for money for hair, toiletries or anything. I’m fair and really pretty, i don’t have the hourglass shape but I’ve got a very nice body and shape . My character isn’t bad neither is sex with me. I know how to keep conversations, I can cook, I’m loyal.. I know you’d be wondering why I have to list these out . I’m laying here thinking where exactly I went wrong , what didn’t I do right ? Still I don’t know.
We were doing very okay till he relocated, just 3 months after and we’re here . I have to now beg for attention, I have to beg to be called . Who stays 2 whole days without talking to their partner they claim to love ? I found out about another girl, I forgave and moved on regardless of how hurt I felt, i stuck around.
Why do I always have to be that girl?
Why does love come with so much pain ?
I just wish I could move on from this, I just wish he’d be man enough to tell me he’s done, at least I’d know my stand.
I’m so hurt, deeply hurt. Sometimes we expect people to keep fighting then we forget that people actually get tired of fighting. I’d just stop here because writing this is making me cry more. I don’t wanna hate men but dealing with them is hell.

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