Good day
And how you all doing

This issue is not about boyfriend issue but my mom. Since my dad died in 2012 , life has been so difficult but we pull through . I have not been able to go to university , also my younger ones due to one thing or other. So fast forward to 2 years after my dad died , my mom met someone then she forced us to go to the man’s church all because she’s dating the man .I have no issue with fact she’s dating him but she started making our lives bad ,instead of her to focus on our life she focused on a man and all her decisions she always blame us . A lot happened , she and the man are no longer together now . There are lots of details which hurt me from that her relationship but I still forgive and forget so after that I decided to build my life . When I was 24 years , I had a guy who was serious and we decided to get married and have kids but has God will have it my plans didn’t turn out well . I came out with a child and since then I have been taking care of him myself since I have a good job it was easy for me . So after a while I started my own company but I was living with my mom , that was my greatest mistake ever . I should not have stayed with her . Now we moved to a new place where we have about 8 flats and the woman close to our own flat is very bad infact very bad. Since me and my younger ones see the woman’s attitude ,we told out mom to stay off that woman not to even discuss anything but my mom will not hear she will say I want to control her . She started this relationship with her and things went bad . I found out my business was going down and a lot of things. I asked her if she has discussed our life with the woman , she said no but there’s this young man which the woman and the guy seat together and discuss . They were very close ,we called him ID . After a while my mom and the woman fought , not beating themselves but they insulted each other well and I found out from there that she didn’t gossip with her and discuss us too. The woman also had issues with the guy ID and she said a lot of bad things about him . So the guy was tired of all her bad ways and he stopped talking to her and after a while my mom and the guy ID are now close that he eats in our house they share gas and a lot . One day I had my mom phone I saw love text from a number and the name was folarin. I was happy she found someone else but to my greatest surprise she was dating ID so i asked her what was happening and why all these messages about sex and all, and text about I love you and all or I miss you. She got angry and insult us for checking her text and all , mind you this guy had toasted me in a way before but i made it clear to him that I don’t want a man now . I understand that while the guy has his ex that he’s in love with , he’s dating my mom.
So I reminded her what she did then dating that man and she said that was a mistake, she used all bad words to me then asking me if I want to date the man if she should leave him for me . I did not say anything now this one that she’s already making my younger ones life bad and now after bad break up she will come and blame it on us. My point in all these is , I wish my dad took her after his death maybe all these wahala will stop because I’m tired . How can you be dating a neighbor who is dating a girl currently and telling you he is not dating her
Is my mom so dumb or what
And she will be doing respectable woman all over town
She insulted the other woman to leave the guy alone , if she want to fuck him ni . Whereas it’s my mom that is fucking ID.
I’m so embarrassed , what a disgarce
Even if you want to date someone , must it come with a dirt and my mom is indirectly asking me to date the guy because he’s good and if he marries me he will be good to me
So both of them will destroy my life
I’m tired people I’m so tired
I’m planning to move to out and plan my way to get a better life for me and my son
My mom has done alot of hurtful things to me
But I’m tired.
I just want to share so that my heavy heart will be at ease .

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Jamie Jordan
Jamie Jordan
7 months ago

Wow, this is a whole lot to take in, but I’m glad in all of this, you know what’s right and what’s wrong. I will advise you get your own personal space and be by yourself for your sanity and progress. May God see you through. And always be prayerful.