A girl has no name

I have been in a relationship with this guy for over 3 years now. We were supposed to get married by November. Recently I started having doubt in my mind that he’s the right person. The reason is because he became verbally abusive, wasn’t respecting me, insults me at every slightest opportunity he gets. When I complain about his lack of respect for me as a person he tells me I want a man I can control. That when he’s talking to me I don’t answer him yes sir, don’t call him sir. Perhaps because he is the first to obtain a masters degree in his community it now made him feel like the lord of manor that can do no wrong or maybe he’s intimidated with the fact that I’m a legal practitioner and the cliché that female lawyers tend to control their husband. He was now making feel somehow. Whatever I do is wrong , whatever I say is disrespectful. So on 10th of April we had an argument he brought the issue of not answering yes sir and scumming to all his wishes I quietly told him to please go look for someone else that I am no longer interested. That I do not wish to be in misery all my life in the name of marriage that am done with him. He accepted. So I blocked from contacting me even on social media. Ever since that day I feel at peace with my self. I hope I made the right choice, in fact it feels like the right choice. I’m now struggling with how to tell my mum about it because he and his family are supposed to come see my family the moment this lock down is over. But a girl is free from a choking relationship.

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Jamie Jordan
Jamie Jordan
7 months ago

You go girl