Like to hear from the readers. A friend is dating a girl. Beautiful girl, smart, dress well , has the Holy look, church girl and all that. He likes her a lot and would want to marry her. Someday he was able to go through her phone because she doesn’t have password. He saw a text of someone telling her to come meet him in one hotel and sent his room number. From the text, it looks like they have been seeing before. What surprises him the most is that the guy is Hausa and his English from the text was very bad. She does not cut across as a runs girl because you don’t see runs girls kind of money on her look. She is a girl that knows how to put that just their cloths into a great look. She tells him she does not do runs, if she does she would be rich. Now he is confused . What was this meeting with this bad English man for in the hotel, which is not the first time. Normally she won’t want to be caught dating such a man with such bad English. Someone please help on this topic. Note: my friend is rich and he spends on her to a certain point, plus she works. He was even looking at over looking her past but the man in the hotel does not look cute from his whatapp picture and that English.

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