I’m an 18 year old beautiful girl who had never had a boyfriend . It’s not like I didn’t have admirers while growing up but I just wasn’t really interested in having a relationship then . When I became interested, I couldn’t find my type(I’m an indoor person so it limits my chance of meeting new people) . I wanted to have a boyfriend at the age of 17 but didn’t go as planned . I vowed to have now that I’m 18 not like I’m rushed but being single now is driving me real crazy like I just wanna try it out . Wanna know what being in love, kissing and hugging feels like etc but I didn’t let my desperation get the best of me . I’m kinda choosy, wanna date someone I’d really love and not like I dated you because I wanna try relationship out . It takes time for me to fall in love . To cut it short, I started a pre-degree program this February and at first, the guys weren’t attractive to me . I didn’t see anyone I’d love to have relationship with among them but as time went on , I developed feelings for a guy there . Though it started as a joke because to me he’s handsome so I always joke about me having crush on him to my friends like calling him my hubby and stuffs like that but recently I started having feelings for him . Recently we were both voted as the most handsome and beautiful in my hostel and that still boosted the love I have for him . The problem is we ain’t talking and I can’t message him first because asides having pride, I’m a very shy type😪 . I want everything to happen naturally like him making every first move but he seems to be the type that is gentle not like the timid gentleness but not like all those typical guys that would walk up to you and ask for your number . He goes on his own with his one friend I know . I hope y’all get the kinda gentleness I mean though. I’m guessing it’ll be kinda difficult for him to ask me out even if we start talking as per the kind of person he is but me over here have been day dreaming about our relationship together. And about the pre-degree I’m doing , it’s my last hope of admission so I didn’t want distraction at first but sometimes, our heart go against our decision. I love him but I can’t tell him . Please advise me guys🙏🙏

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  1. Lol, don’t be too hard on yourself. A first hi never do no harm, consistent hi is the problem. So you could just say hello one time and let’s see how it goes.


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