Being tested

I really don’t like being tested. With this Corona, I’m busy. I’ve been working from home before it. My girl knows I’m busy but feels I should still create extra time for her. I’m doing the best I can. Video calling, texting, and engaging her on Twitter, IG & WhatsApp. So, I slept off yesterday and she feels I don’t care. Lately, I’ve been sleeping off. So she texted today & said she won’t be online throughout because there’s no point. Well, I’m not bothered. I’ve called once and I’ve sent WhatsApp messages everytime she crosses my heart. She’d see the messages whenever she comes online. I won’t do more than this. She’s more important to me than she thinks/knows. Connoters(I hope this is correct 😂), do you always test this way or get tested this way?

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