You are the only friend I share my secret with🤐
I’m at the point in life where nothing is working in my life. No relationship, job then COVID-19 . I have more excuses to give up. Finished my MSc 2 years ago , funny it’s in public health but I’m even not confident I’m good enough for any job. Then I came for a change of environment living with a friend who claims to like me. He has been taking care of me for a month now he is the perfect gentleman. We have sex almost everyday. I feel I have so belittled myself that anyone who just shows care i jump into it. For the first time I will admit I have slept with 9 men so far in my life . I lost my virginity in 2014 and until 2017 I had only been with one man since all that happened . I have been a shadow of myself. I haven’t loved again. Even when the men want something serious , I blank them. Now I’m stuck here with a guy who said to me that he hopes I marry a good man because I’m a good person, like wtf I’m I to you. He has respect enough that he doesn’t want his friends to know we are fucking , he says he doesn’t want them to think less of me . He tells them I’m a virgin and I’m more like a sister to him. I’m confused.
I am a pastors child and I feel I need God more than anything right now. I can’t even open my bible. I feel I need a friend to take me like a kid and share the word with me. I want to be accountable to someone. To a friend that will check up on me, make sure I exercise, read the Bible, share my truth and not be judged. I keep to myself everyone feels I’m leaving my best life but I’m not. I need a friend. It’s getting out of hand.
Will be reading the comments who I can turn to. Social media has Become my Escape point. I need an accountability partner to draw me close to God again. I want to feel him in my heart.


  1. Hi, first of, you are doing fine, you make mistakes, but who doesn’t, so take it easy on yourself. I can be a friend, and i also have to tell you, I might only be able to help you ease your mind and be happy, maybe share few words in the Bible, but i’m not perfect too, I’m looking to get closer to God likewise, so I might not be as helpful in that area as your message connotes. That being said, I can be a good friend, reach me at Hoping to hear from you.

  2. Hello dear what you tink about yourself is actually how odas wil too..stay true to yourself ..

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