I’m dating a girl who claims to love me over everything else but since I met her my life’s gone completely downhill. Everything has gotten worse for me and yet her family has entrusted her to me . We’re both students but I feed, shelter and clothe her even when I get no support from my own family. She’s told me so many lies I don’t even know if she’s ever been honest with me. Now I’m left in a position where I’m dead broke . I had no friends because she lives with me and doesn’t even give me the chance to meet new people. I haven’t bought clothes in a long time because every dime I get goes into taking care of us yet her mom’s well to do and owns a clinic but she’s led me to believe that despite the fact that she’s the only daughter and she’s in good terms with her mom , her mom decided never to support her with anything not even her education. I’m now at a point in my life where I’m more confused than I’ve ever been . If this is what love is, I never want to feel it again

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