I need advice

So like 3 years ago I was on a particular group chat. It was fun, had plenty laughs on there . One guy whom I barely talked to from the group called me, i asked why through message and he said it was accidental. Then from there we started texting. Nothing phenomenal, he was very boring to be honest. Eventually the group chat ended and I lost touch with the really cool people on the group chat but this particular guy kept initiating texts. For the next year I just managed cause I try to value every person that wants to give me their time.
He’s a nice soul with a good heart but truth is he’s this churchy churchy person, what some may call a Jew. He bores me in text and in status. He knows nothing other than preaching and his church activities. He does not get jokes or stuff like that. Barely watches anything on TV neither does he do interesting things. I’ve seen him a few times in school and dodged him cause by the way he dresses I can’t just be friends with him or having him knowing my face so he starts looking for me in my hostel eeeeww
Over time I just deleted his number, since then he keeps sending hey/hi messages, about twenty something now . Why is he so irritating and dull, can’t he see I’m not interested in talking . All the signs he just ignores. It’s not like we had a deep friendship neither were we close , plus we haven’t spoken in person or had real phone conversations . Why is he so attached to someone he met on a group years ago. I don’t want him to message and see he’s been blocked that’s why I haven’t done it yet. But I’m definitely going to block now or what do you think ?

One comment

  1. Just be nice. You might be the only person that gives him any attention and that helps him in some way you don’t. You can state you boundaries but just be nice


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