I and my boyfriend spent sometime together before the whole social distancing became very serious. It was fun as always cuz my nigga always has something to argue or talk about ๐Ÿ˜. But back to my reason for this post. So while we lodged , there was a girl he gave his number at the hotel that they just met at the lobby and she requested he come chill with she and her friends . He said he declined (but una still exchange number )๐Ÿค”. He saved her name as gift Abj ๐ŸŒš. Now fast forward, we went to hmedix to do some quarantine stock up and while I was picking up things, this very hot malo guy starts talking to me and I start laughing at his corona jokes. Sha we exchanged numbers although I told him I came out with my boyfriend o. Now gist brought gist and I told him about the hmedix guy sending me corona memes and oga is paraing (angry). I mean wat have I done wrong?

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