I actually thought you will always be real
You held my hands
Dealt with my walls
Shared everything together
Even when We were lonely and lost
I know I had one person cheering for me
You always knew you had me rooting for you
Safety was another name being with you
Found was everything with you.
We fought all together

But then you ended everything 
You choose to lie to me even if it was going to hurt me 
You always told me everything even pains we shared 
I had to find the truth out from someone else . 
Just that little deceit 
My world crashed 
I couldn’t even talk to you about it even with my prove 
You still kept on playing the mind games 
Another name I could call you in my heart when I heard your voice was selfish
Inside all I wanted was the truth coming from you
Then we could sit and find a way like always 
I am breaking in silence with no tears running out
I couldn’t even find tears
A part of me is saying calm down 
You actually know me too well 
A heart in love 
Is a heart closer to happiness
Or games
Or pains
I have chosen my poison carefully 
It is a beautiful kind of pain

Within a sec
I still care
I still love you
Fuck you

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