I’ve been dating this guy for about 9 months. I feel like I’m always begging him for attention. It’s very odd. The few times we hung out and ran into people he knew, he would introduce me as his girlfriend and wifey but behind close doors I get no attention from him. I began to see that he really enjoyed parading me to his friends and enjoyed telling people I’m his, yet no action . I’m always the one initiating questions . He’s lucky I’m not an evil person because I would have cheated on him with the other men that have been asking me out. I cook for this guy, even when I’m busy with work and school. I’ll even drive the food over to his place, of course after he eats he’ll have sex with me and fall asleep. Sometimes I lay there and think about the rubbish I’m putting myself through . My final straw was when he didn’t call to ask how my exams went but proceeded to ask if I had food. I almost insulted him that day . I told him I’m done with this stupid relationship. This man has never done anything for me since I’ve met him . I’m always the one spending my money and doing everything I can to make him comfortable. He’s been blowing up my phone but I blocked him and deleted his number. He’s now disturbing me on IG. He can be another woman’s headache , as for me I’m done being a mumu.

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