I love my bf so much and he claims that he loves me too but I don’t believe him. He has his ex picture hung in his room, he claims that they are only good friends but I don’t believe him. He is fond of comparing me to her or always talking about their past relationship. Imagine he even told me that if he settles down and she is not yet married, he will go ahead and marry her because she is the only one he discussed marriage stuff with. The truth is that I’m getting fed up, because I really don’t understand where our relationship is going to. I tried asking him one day if he had intentions of marrying me, what he could say was that ‘time will tell’, he also said that he doesn’t want to make promises that he won’t keep. That statement really made my heart ache, this is the same guy I made sacrifices for though he did too but not compared to mine. We are both students, he is doing his 2nd degree while am doing my first. I don’t know why he can’t seem to stop talking about her each day . I know that she is more advanced than I am because she is actually working and i don’t feel bad about that. After all I don’t know what the future holds for me.

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