Walked away.

There’s this guy I had been seeing for months now. Before we got together we were seeing different people but along the line,I broke up with my partner then(it wasn’t a serious relationship anyways) and got serious my current ex(let’s call him Olu). He was/is ‘dating’ this chick abroad before we met tho he claimed they’ve never met but they talk steady on phone. Along the line, emotions got in the way and now I get jealous whenever they talk even tho I knew about her. He painted a picture of he was only with her cos he wasn’t in a relationship here so I felt since he has me now , what does he still need her for ? Tbh , I never ever got with another guy since I met him and I’ve tried my best to be a good girlfriend even tho I’m not perfect but I guess I’m not enough for him. Some days back , she called him and he actually left me in the room to take her call in the sitting room . Can’t even explain how hurt I felt . I didn’t react tho. Waited for him to fall asleep , ordered a ride and went home without telling him. Yesterday I sent him messages on WhatsApp about how I felt and this motherfucker had the guts to send me the video of a choir singing a hymn . I blocked him everywhere and deleted all of his contacts last night and walked away from the situationship. It really hurts cos I really love him but I guess I’ll be alright. I’m hurting but I take pride in the fact that I walked away from something I really wanted but wasn’t good for me.

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Jamie Jordan
Jamie Jordan
8 months ago

You did the right thing