A Fine Girl

My dad got retired last year . Things weren’t bad , I still coped but the beginning of this new school year has been hectic for me. My bro and sis are out of the country , things were once good for them but not anymore. Like life’s getting hard for my family. My dad had a high paying job , please he made lots of investment but because of the anglophone crisis his businesses aren’t running. My mum is the bread winner rn. I learned last yr I had to cut off my lavish lifestyle and live according to my means but even to live like a normal student is hard. Plus I know my mum is trying hard. Right now they are couple of guys asking me out and promising lots of things but i need to start sleeping with them. I’m no virgin but I can’t sleep around. I’m single , my ex left me for another girl after he travelled out. I’m in med school and studies can make you depressed already but my life is so hard now. I don’t know if I should join the line and start sleeping around to take care of myself. All my friends have left me cause they see I can’t hang around them as I use to coz now I’m broke and I love staying home . I can’t go out and bring problems for my poor mother. I want to do a business but my mother doesn’t have capital . I said let me sell my phone but how will I cope in school with no phone. My last money is 5k which I’m already owing someone . I don’t know if things will get better and we will bounce back again coz my last strength is gone. I live it in God’s hands😔

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  1. Sad. I really dunno what to say, but I believe and hope things turn out for good soon.

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