Delete evil

I finally deleted this bastard’s phone number from my phone.
He can’t keep things on a friendship level even after confessing that he has a girlfriend. We’ve had sex in the past, he’s had a gf the whole time but keeps trying to hook up with me.
I have terrible flashbacks of the night we had sex. Often times I imagine I had a demon on top of me sucking the life out of me. He hated wearing condoms so we often had raw sex and I wasn’t on the pill …. ( I know, very stupid of me to agree) This one time in college I couldn’t sleep after it.. I had nightmares and I remember running to my roommates room one night because I was scared. She told me to take plan b because I could just be scared of getting pregnant . I took the morning after pill and after bleeding heavily for a few days, I felt like I woke up from a trance. I haven’t spoken to him in months… I blocked him but I could still see his picture on my contacts, I deleted him tonight and promised myself to never look back.
Something similar happened to a girl I know, she was so scared she had to tell her mother to seek advice. Of course African mothers will condemn you before saying anything else.
It has taught me to watch who you lay with…

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