I feel the world is ending and my world is also going down with it… I am a mess right now but I don’t have any choice. I once posted about my boyfriend leaving the country and some advice were positive some were like it will end in tears.
Guys grab your popcorn ooohh cause the tears has started.
I am at the point were i am just screaming God what do you want from me . What did I do wrong cause i always have to learn to say goodbye to everyone that matters, I always have to let go. Being others strength when I am so weak.
I don’t even have the strength to continue fighting for anything . Right now I am like God just take the wheel cause I am getting closer to loosing the one person that means so much and the pain is not one sided.. he is broken too, we both love each other and even with everything going on.
Let’s just say what will be will be.

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