6 girls from my CDS are in love with me and they told me

Zainab : She is a Muslim , I’m not tribalistic but my parents nor go gree .

Damola : We’ve actually had sex a couple of times but her boyfriend is in France so I see myself as the side guy .

Sarah : Sarah is actually really cute and she is willing to lose her virginity for me but I’m not that into her as she is with me

Funke : She told me she is crazy about me but she loves the flashy life and I’m not sure I love flashy girls

Rachael : This chick has great boobs and she is really cute but she has a really saucy attitude . While we were gisting one day she even made a statement that her husband must know how to cook and he’ll be the one cooking all the time because he has to pamper her .

Whitney : She is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever set my eyes on . I actually really like her too but she is from a very rich home and I don’t want her to think I’m with her for her money .

This is my dilemma

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