I have this girl my neighbor, I admire her and she does too . I really wanted to fuck her and she wants too but she wants me to date her before having sex with her and I agreed to her policy later on . I truly fell in love with her because she was too good but later on I found out she has so many men she is harboring secretly and she always tell me that a guy is asking her out for a date and she will always go and meet with them . Even one day a guy with Benz came and picked her while I was with her in my room and she told me she is going out with her friend .
At times she starts fight with me and says she is tired of me but can’t stop now . I thought about it and told her I don’t want anyone . She has been crying and begging me but I’m tired of her and her attitudes . Since I broke up with her she has been coming to my room begging me and lured me having sex with her three good times . I don’t want her anymore what will I do now ? I need suggestions .

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