I’m suspecting that my girl is pregnant. For the past week she has been having intense stomach pains. I know this isn’t period cramps because if it was, she will just say it.
A few nights ago I went to spend the night at her place because she needed help taking out her braids. She was acting very odd , very weak and very tired. At night she woke up around 3am and went to the bathroom . She was in there for over 30 minutes . I had to go in to see if she was fine. When she got back to bed I asked her if she has had her cycle this month, she said yes but I don’t know if I believe her; we hang out often so I would have known. I even tried rubbing her stomach but she pushed my hand off. This confirmed it more because she begs for a stomach rub when she has cramps. My problem is : if she is pregnant, why can’t she just tell me instead of hiding it ? Her stomach is flat, she looks normal but her behavior is confusing me. I’m getting her a pregnancy test tomorrow. I love her, I’m just scared she will be unhappy if she is. Plus she’s on birth control. We’re not married yet. Her parents will be very disappointed, especially her papa.
I’m 31, she’s 24. I Dey fear. She’s still in school getting her doctorate.
I’ve met her dad, he’s very overprotective over her and he’s spoken to her about using protection. How do I make her open up and just tell me ? She has been acting very distant lately.

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