I have been dating this girl before I travelled out and it’s two years now. Along the line, I no more feel for her and I want to end things. On the other side, she loves me deeply and I have no doubt about her love. She’d be an awesome partner, builder and wife but I don’t just feel it anymore. 

I made up my mind to inform her and just in that period her mom died. It’s been so hard on her. She’s devastated and completely broken. I couldn’t inform her of my plans and I still can’t. It’s been a month already. The issue is she now says that I’m the only one she now has and that I am her anchor. 

How do I go about telling her that I am no more interested without hurting her with the way she’s so into me and with everything that has happened recently?
I’m a great guy too and we’ve both been happy together. It’s a 4 year relationship with the last two in long distance and yet we don’t have a single quarrel. She’s beautiful, gentle and really nice but I just have to let go. How please?

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