I met a girl in my secondary school days . Her name is favour . I liked her from the day I saw her then I tried my luck in talking to her about my feelings but then I wasn’t really bold enough . After our secondary school days I forgot about her . I saw her profile on Facebook then I messaged her and we exchanged numbers. I called her just to let her know I miss her because I wasn’t bold enough to tell her how I felt about her then . The following year I was in 200 level (2018) I told her how I felt about her and we got to know ourselves better . She agreed to be my girlfriend and we started dating . Each time we are together , I try to touch her she would be like I’m not ready . She says she is a virgin . I didn’t believe her actually but I chose to believe her because of the love I have for her . Because I miss her very much I’d go to auchi just to see her . I would tell my friends I’m going to see my guy so they don’t make fun of me because I actually have crazy friends 😂 . I would lodge an hotel room for #12,500 per night and she won’t even come to see me . Damn I was heartbroken but sometimes when I come to her school she would stay for a couple of hours then go back to her hostel . I do act normal but deep down I wasn’t happy . For months we were dating and we haven’t had sex yet (kissing only). I do ask her the problem and she would say she isn’t ready yet . I managed to tolerate things with her for 8 months then I broke up with her but I couldn’t think straight actually because I still love her . We were no longer dating but we still keep a good convo . To cut the story short , recently she sent me an image of two people having sex saying ‘ you and I someday ‘ . I was so mad at her because I told her to come my school to see me before then she was saying she couldn’t skip school . Honestly it looked like she was playing with me even after we broke up . After then she went out with her friends which I saw her status on her WhatsApp story . We talked and I told her I have a girlfriend . I actually did a video pecking her on her cheek which she saw and she was sad . She then messaged me , we talked for a while then she said ‘ I think we should end this conversation so I don’t say what I’m not suppose to say ‘ . I said okay . I slept off waking up to see 33 messages on my phone . I couldn’t even read all , mhen I felt so fucking bad 😢😢 . She was high on something after she came back from the club with her friends . She sent me emotional messages and ever since that day honestly I can’t stop thinking about her . I don’t think we can go back together after I told my brothers and a friend of mine bad things about her because I can’t stand what they would say . I still Love her very much and right now I’m confused.

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