I don’t have the ability to run after people. Initially I considered it a good thing but it seems to be a problem now. If I crush on a girl, I’d make moves and get to talk to her. If she plays the hard to get game I’d “kill it”. I’d let everything go and no matter how I liked her, it never does bother me.
After sometime we do usually connect again and they’d blame me for not trying enough and that they liked me too. 

But how am I supposed to have tried? You had an idea what I was up to and agreeing to dates and canceling them, pretending not to be interested is not what would make me value you. Your personality does! 

Now I think that’s how the majority of girls are ‘cos I’ve lost so many of them and I try to hang around the hard to get phase and it’s hard. I just want to “kill it” and act like she never existed and I never noticed.

I don’t have time!

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