I met this sweet guy last year at an auto dealership. We kicked it off well, he was sweet and all. I had the opportunity of meeting his friend briefly and when the friend left he started telling that his friend asked him if he is sure about me because I am not his usual type🤔. I didn’t utter a word. Another day dude says he is adding weight oh he should hit the gym. I still didn’t give the usual response of “oh no you look great”. Yet another day I was stress eating a chocolate mini bar and he goes “babe that’s not good for you, you should watch your weight”. And then I got pissed. I used to love the gym but because of a health challenge I stopped going. I now just take long walks. He met me at 95kg and I am still the same. I already know I need to lose weight, I don’t need him to come and rub it in every time because my gym glory days pictures are already enough. If I’m not your type , go and look for your skinny girls and leave me the hell alone . I just wish I told him all this before I disappeared on him . I just left his house and never went back. Don’t claim you love me and codedly ambush/body shame me.

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