I don’t know how to explain this month so far but I know am scared and so anxious. I have courses I’m doing for someone as a side hustle and work just got more intense and engaging. Everyone thinks I have it all together but I am messed up . I pray everyday and this fear still grips me. The course got frustrating from the moment there’s calculation/maths in it and I don’t know how to admit I can’t do it or so scared. I am so scared of losing and failing this course because it’s like someone’s destiny is in my hands and I am their only hope. Work has rarely given me space to concentrate or focus but more tasks to undergo. How can one survive in this Nigeria without going nuts ? Deep down I pray April just appears and let me see the outcome of the course and work, whether I did it or gave in to my fear of maths.
I just want all this to be over. Everything is just frustrating, I need help, or maybe God should talk to me.


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