Have you noticed that as much as this generation is fortunate to have a lot of things, we seem to be unfortunate to be misusing many of them ? Just last week, I told my American students how we have been misusing many things that are meant for our good and they said “well, next generation will be worse”. Hmmm!
For example, phone that should be a valuable item to us is being used in a very terrible manner. Many are addicted to their phones that the first thing they do when they wake up is to press phone. They are eating, press phone; in the bus, press phone; in class, press phone; go on a date with someone, press phone. O ga o!
Look at it again, everything about this generation is about SEX. SEX!SEX!SEX! as if that’s the only thing we are created for. Many of our ladies are only concerned about beauty, money, and twerking, nothing else! Talk about professional development, nah! Talk about what they have to offer a guy, nothing!
What about men ? How to knack a woman, do drugs, increase their sexual escapades, etc.
I weep for this generation, honestly and I wish FEW PEOPLE can JUST GET IT RIGHT.

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