Signed, Disgusted person

So I was casually scrolling on Instagram and I came across a post that said one in every 30 people poo in the shower.

I was utterly disgusted and I stay in reading the comments and it turned out that this is actually a thing. It’s called waffle stomping.

Apparently the person poops in the shower and uses his or her foot to step on it and grate it into the drain.

Now please just imagine the expression on my face. Why are human beings this lazy and disgusting. What will it take you to get the f*** out of the shower and take a shit in the toilet and get back in the shower. Do they really have to poo in a shower that will be used by another person at some point in life. Now I can’t help but wonder if any of the showers I’ve ever taken a shower in has been waffle stomped on. Maybe in a hotel or in a hostel or just somewhere.

Ew.. Just ew

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