Atoke Ade

I want a perfect romantic weekend with a guy who pays attention to details. I want him to like art, literature, blues and old songs. I want someone who appreciates the mundane things of like , like the trees waving in the breeze. I want to feel a man’s warmth against my body and sleep next to him for a weekend. I want a human connection that is pure and real. Two people who are just interested in the present.
I haven’t felt all these or had all these in a while. I crave this like a drug. I want sex with someone daring, who is able to concentrate on our mutal pleasure. Like I said I want a man that pays attention to details. A showman of sorts. Just a weekend and we go our separate ways or maybe not . I know what I’m looking for will be hard to find in Nigeria because it seems everyone is just moving at a hurried pace without thinking of the other person, without pausing a bit to make some human connection, without taking a deep breath to enjoy the air, but i believe the universe will grant me my wish.

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