My heart won’t stop beating.
So I’m going to work in a different country for 3 months. My friend whom I have a crush on offered to accommodate me. I’m single , single not talking to anyone and on the other hand he told his flatmate that his wife to be will be coming to the house. He has never made advances to be or even said he likes me. I have never even spent a weekend with a man not to talk of 3 months . I’m not a virgin will I survive it ? If I make advances what if he gets angry because he is quite disciplined . If he makes advances should I stall him before accepting or just go with the flow . Am I just overthinking things ? What if there is nothing even. I can’t sleep and I can’t even confide in anyone that I will live with a handsome man for 3 months. Don’t tell me to go rent then I won’t be saving any thing

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