Good day all . I am an engineer and most of my colleagues are male . About 6 months ago , I got transferred to a rural site . 4 days at work & 3 days home with my family weekly . 2 months after , I had an excited relishing quickie with a colleague . It was so sweet that it transpired into a relationship because we can’t resist each other if found working nights/day alone. January 2020 , I made a resolution to stop & gave him my reason that i can’t bear the guilt each week i returned to my husband who’s helping with the children . He’s yet to accept ending the relationship but i have been avoiding working alone with him . My utmost fear now is if he gets angry with me avoiding him and tells any of our colleagues , I wouldnt be able to bear the shame & consequence . More so, because I appear very innocent /decent . I don’t know how to manage this mess . Thanks

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