Creative Punstar

Back to my dancer friend’s life story. The ex he got back to and was pregnant for him, was disowned by her dad. She had to live with him in his family house. Her mother was late and his own dad was late. He came from a poor background.

Later on she had complications before child birth and that complication required a surgery. My friend was ready to sell his kidney for the same ex to make money for it. If not for the intervention of the girl’s father who foot the bills and later passed on a week after. I bet he(The pastor) did it out of dying soon.

She later confessed to him that she sent the gang to rape his deceased girlfriend but did not know one of the gang was HIV positive. Oh, you can imagine what happened . Well he forgave her and still lived with her. I swear, I was shocked. After a while, she started getting money from the guy’s friend to care for him, unknown to him. The guy’s friend was rich and dating a girl from the guy’s clique. Now this my guy’s friend was the first love of the pastor’s daughter who bore a child for my friend currently. 

Okay I am a bit lost reading this. Let’s make this easy to trace. The pastor’s daughter will be PS, My friend will be H, my friend’s friend the rich one is RF, the girl from clique GQ, And lastly, RF’s mom which I will introduce here.

Long story short, RF was in the gang that raped his deceased girlfriend unknown to H and PS. Though he didn’t touch her, he watched because way back H has slept with RF’s mother after a dance show in Delta so he did that out of revenge . Other gangs wanted his life so he gathered them all in a room and at gunpoint made everyone both his mother who is a sugar mom confess. There are many things that transpired before that, I will some details but what happened in the end is PS, RF and the sugarmom died. My friend is now raising his baby alone with the girl from his dance clique who loved him in secret.

It is a crazy world out here. I can forward the complete written story after the comment.
my own is that I am scared of dancing as a career now.

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