Let me share something I’ve never told anyone before . I met this girl on badoo and we got talking . After few days , she told me her parents were traveling and I should come over so I decided to go as a sharp guy . On my way to her place , she was communicating with me on phone and she said she couldn’t wait to see me . She told me that when I’m almost at her place , her brother would come pick me up . When I got to the estate she described and called her and she told me I’ll soon see her brother . Behold I saw the brother and he looked exactly like her in the pictures I saw . He immediately became fond of me and asked me if I had any games on my phone . I gave him my phone and he asked me if I had a little change on me to buy short cake biscuit . I gave him money to buy it in a shop close by . I had no idea that the shop had another street behind and there was a way to disappear . I kept on waiting for him outside the shop for almost 30 minutes. I decided to go to the shop and they said nobody came to buy anything. It was then that it dawned on me that my phone and my money was gone . Luckily for me I had little change on me and I had money to take me halfway home . I hardly go out with my atm because of my experience with SARS . I took transport to where my money could take me and I walked the rest . You don’t want to know how much distance I trekked that day .When I got home , I had to lie that my phone was stolen . When I got another phone I checked her profile on badoo , she had not been online since that day. Even the number she gave me from the chat hasn’t been going through since then . I always told people that I was too smart to be duped but it happened to me .

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