We have been dating for over a year now , though we never met in person (long distance) but we have built a very strong bond that I never had with anyone and we have always been there for each other . We have beautiful life plans and I’m already making arrangements on moving from Europe to settle down with her in USA . Several times we get into a fight , she gets so furious and violent and even breaks items around her . The last time she threatened to stab me if I was in same roof with her . The reason for her anger doesn’t even worth any threat . She was once in a violent relationship and I have tried my best to make her move from her past . She keeps apologizing to be better but it still happens . I love her and really wanna move to her but I am really getting scared expecially after the last one happened ! She’s nice in general but right now I am confused and thinking a lot because I can see it in her eyes when she’s angry !

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