The thing is I have problems that I can’t share with anyone because they won’t understand
First of all, I’m a medical student and an entrepreneur
I see myself trying to make everyone laugh , make everyone happy but there’s this sadness that I feel always when I’m alone
I cry and cry until I fall asleep
When I’m with someone I am a whole different person.
Secondly, I really fell in love with this guy, he’s a little famous but I knew him before he got famous and I was head over heels for him, he knows, we’ve hooked up a couple of times but that’s where he wants it to end (just hooking up)
I really don’t know how to get over him cause I see myself worrying if he’s fine , if he’s not consuming too much alchohol and stuff like that. BTW, he’s 11years older than I am .
I really do love him
I want to spend the rest of my life with him but I don’t even know if he remembers me 🙁Thirdly, I’m a medical student and as nice as it sounds so is it scary
I really want to save people’s lives and help them get better
Put smiles on their faces but I’m afraid
I’m afraid
I don’t know what I’m afraid of but I’m afraid of disappointing humanity
I’m afraid of letting people down
Please I need your prayers
I love you guys for always showing concern for those who really need someone to talk to❤️

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