I am dating a girl whom I know loves me. We’re only six months in the relationship and for the fact that we’re interracial, we both had to cope with our weird differences. But it’s sweet and beautiful and at the same time, it’s sometimes annoying.

Before we decided to begin the relationship, she told me of how her ex cheated on her and how badly she was hurt, making her have trust issues. She asked that I should understand that this may take her a little time to completely trust me but that she really likes me and she wants “us” to work. I understand her because white people are like that mostly. Bad experiences have lasting effects on them and she’s not my first. 

Sadly, I no more have the patience. She’s kind and sweet, and over time I’ve come to love her too but this trust issue is now a problem. Initially I didn’t care. I didn’t like her that much. Now I do and it matters to me. She’s introduced me to her parents, siblings, friends and colleagues at work but I feel she still doesn’t trust me. 

I have done the best a guy could do and she admits it. I have tried. What else can I do again? I also noticed recently that if I don’t text her first, she won’t text me. Other times she’d come on so clingy.
I want to leave and leave for ever but that doesn’t sound like the solution ‘cos I know I will still end up dating another white girl.

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