I am in my twenties but I am so Lonely . I have been in relationships , good ones but my recent relationship is a mess . Like I feel unwanted sometimes and the fault is always on me. Lol anyone been in a relationship where you have never gotten a naira from your boyfriend before ? That’s me😃. It is almost two years now. Although I have never begged him for anything but he will always ask from me and I won’t give him even if I have or not. The point is he won’t want me to talk to any male like I am dating them because I sometimes post my cousin or just friends (male). Meanwhile he will post girls wishing them or saying fine girl. Before I forget , it’s a long distance relationship and I am not in the state he is in Nigeria. I want to ask if he is worth waiting for because I have never cheated on him. And I have guys that want to date me here . I don’t want to later regret. Thank you

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