Please I’m really confused .
Recently my girlfriend celebrated her birthday at the pool she and her colleagues had a game stuff as she called it because I wasn’t around . She said at the long run she kissed a guy at the pool as she was dared to . She called me late at night to tell me this ,that she couldn’t keep it to herself that she feels she has betrayed me and fucked up.
Mann I got so upset , I was so sad that she could do such a thing to me . To me this little stuffs we do counts a lot . It’s not until she cheats on me before I’ll know she’s bad or good

I got confused , many people I told in a Story manner just to hide her identity says I should leave her that she’s bad and foolish to be able to do that to her boyfriend .
Now the problem is that I still love her a lot but just scared something bigger than this might happen and I don’t know how bad it’s gonna hurt me .
Then I also thought what if she didn’t call and tell me? I would be in the dark.  
The problem is that is she a bad person ?
Can I still trust her?
Should I still go ahead ?
What can I do please??
I’m so so so confused

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