Please I really need y’all advice. I have low self esteem, I lack confidence in myself and also have a lot of insecurities. I’m 18yrs but never had a boyfriend (not that I’m ugly or don’t have taosters) but I turned them all down because I wasn’t ready for relationship then. When I come on instagram and see girls that I’m older than or about my age slaying, I look at myself and be like ‘why are you like this’ . I wanna be an actor and also really talented but shyness and lack of self confidence won’t tell me show the world what I’ve got . I’ve been trying to console myself but anytime I see girls with banging body, I be like no damn I can’t find boyfriend again and also I’m not good/pretty enough to act like I can’t stand and compete against these people. In summary, I lack self confidence and I have insecurity about almost everything in my life. I need your advice please, and valentine is coming , don’t wanna spend this one single again or not on a date 😭😭

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9 months ago

Kill it girl… You got this sweetie😘

9 months ago
Reply to  Dave

Stop the comparison, Life is a marathon.
I am also 18, If you live in Lagos we can hangout on the 14th of February if it means so much to you.


9 months ago

Sometimes, when we keep focusing on all the things we don’t like about ourselves, we bring to us all that we imagine would go with that emotion, which comes from the fears in your head. I would love to read a post about what you like about yourself. Don’t keep comparing yourself with others. You have your own unique beauty and abilities. Focus on what you can do. Join an acting group or class, so you’re working towards the goal you wish for the most. If you have other hobbies or things that are of interest to you, get out and do them. You can’t meet anyone if you don’t get out there and allow it to happen.

Where your thoughts go; your energy flows. If you put out negativity into the world, (even when it’s about yourself), that’s the energy you’re going to draw to you. You just need to flip the script in your head. Don’t be your own worse enemy. Be the leading lady in your story. Attitude is everything. Sending light-n-love.

4 months ago

E be things Sha
I would love for us to connect but I’m not fine enough,shy , no confidence,many stuffs ,it’s not like I’m disabled though so….
We’re the same thing so i don’t know what to advice
I’m thinking of when I make money in the future I’ll travel to Tibet and live in seclusion in the mountains forever
To God be the Glory
Allahu Akbar