A fine girl

At this moment , my friends and all the boys I come across tell me I’m cold insensitive unattached indifferent for a girl and that most girls are very emotional. Throw back to 2017 when the boy of my dreams left me for another girl . This guy shattered my heart to pieces at that point I thought I should kill myself because the pain was terrible but I knew I can’t do that because I have a beautiful family who loves me and my mother loves me more than life itself . He came back into my life 8 months later and broke up with me after my birthday for the same girl. I was depressed and naive we had sex during summer holidays and i got pregnant, he blocked me on all platforms and went for a trip with this girl . After that incident we still met and had sex . He flew out of the country and I didn’t know abt it . All these happened when I was really young and naive , that was when I knew I was a fool and I need to move on like the girl I am. I learnt a lot from my mistakes right now I’m unapologetic happy, glowing and thriving in school. I’m not sorry for being hard hearted , unemotional for a fine girl.

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